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Why we worship Ganesha with Durva grass? (Significance of Ganapathi Durva Puja)

There was a demon known as Analasura. The asura was so terrible that the earth would tremble by his voice and the eyes would emit the fire. Everyone was much terrified by the sight of the demon. Even the gods were very much scared and were helpless. In order to rescue from the clutches of Analasura, all the gods worshipped god Ganesha.

There was an occurrence of sudden war at this incidence. Ganesha has started “Sarvkasha” war and the war broke out. Analasura had destroyed all the surroundings with her fiery eyes and destroyed all the surroundings of the Ganesha. There was a sign of huge destruction and loss. At the end of the war, Analasura tried to gulp Ganesha. A demon, Analasura could not succeed at this incidence. An apsara Analasura haven’t swallowed Ganesha and was a loser.

Ganesha had shown his true form of “Virat’ roopa and had gulped Analasura to destroy. Due to the increased heat in the body of Ganesha, he was restless. He could not even lie down properly. In order to avoid the heat in the body, he has applied sandal paste all over the body. Ganesha could not bear the body’s heat. The gods have decided to lay down a foundation of the moon on his head. The Ganesha has gained the title known as “Balachandra”.

The god Vishnu had also presented him a lotus. He is also known as “Padmapani”.There was a cobra tied to Ganesha’s hip by the god Shankara which was removed from his neck. The god of rain called Varuna also showered plenty of water; still the heat was not subsided. The sages who are present there came with the bunch of 21 durvas.The sages placed all the durvas on Ganesha’s head and a miracle took place. Finally, Ganesha became alright and fine.

Ganesha has said that “Durva” a simple grass made his agony into normal. The person who offers ‘Durva’ with devotion to him would attain punya. On the other hand, there was the most beautiful apsara who loved Ganesha devotionally. Ganesha also liked her very much.

The goddess Parvati, the mother of Ganesha cursed Apsara. The Apsara was cursed to remain as the single grass form on the earth and nobody would notice her. Later, Durva had begged for pardon and asked for the ushaap. The goddess Parvati forgave her. Parvati said that she would be adored by Ganesha even though she is in the grass form.

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