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Why should we celebrate Eco-friendly Ganesh Festival?

One of the blissfully and joyfully celebrated main festivals all over India is Ganesh Chathurthi. The God of power and wisdom is Lord Ganesha, the elephant headed god. Before initiating any kind of work people worship Ganesh in India. During this festivity, skilled artisans make beautifully decorated Ganesh idols of different sizes for sale.

Small size Ganesh idols are installed at home and large size Ganesh idol are installed in public spots. Ganesh festivals start full swing only after the installation of Ganesh idols.

On the environment, the most serious direct impact of the Ganesh festival is strongly due to the immersion of idols. Significant water pollution is caused due to immersion of idols that is made out of chemical materials and hazardous other chemical substances.

There is an increase of non biodegradable waste due to the use of plastic and thermocol materials as it is used for decoration of the Ganesh pandals and used as garland for Ganesh idols.

In the water bodies, plant and animal life gets killed due to toxic waste from these materials gets mixed with water. Therefore there is a need for celebrating eco-friendly Ganesh festival. This will really enable us to celebrate this particular festival grandly without causing any type of harm to other living beings and the environment. This will also ensure a better environment for the coming generation and this type of festivity gets good going from one generation to another with same mood of festivity and joy. Therefore let us pledge ourselves for a eco-friendly Ganesh festival.

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