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Why Amavasya in Pandokhar Dham is beneficial?

According to Pram Pujya Shri Gurusharan Maharaj said while speaking to the media regarding Amavasya in Pandokhar Dham says, “during Amavasya people must visit Pandhokhar Dham to bless themselves by Lord Hanumanji, All the problems of Human beings can be solved out by just taking Darshan of Pandokhar Sarkar.

On Amavasya in Pandokhar Dham people must take dip or shower in Pushpawati holy Nadi( Pahuj/Aswa river equivalent to holy river Gangas ). Then do Darshan of Surya Bala ji ( Shiv bala ji), Darshan of Shri Ram Darbar & Manshapurna Hanumaji also known as Shri Pandokhar Srakar, Darshan of Shri Krishna Mahabharat Kaleen Charan near Neem Tree, Darshan of Shri Hatiwaan Maharaj, Darshan of Shri Samdhi Wale Maharaj, Darshan & Ashirwad of Shri Pram Pujya Shri Gurusaran Maharaj. Chanting of Pandokhar Sarkar Chalisa 11 times & Om Namah Shivaye Maala Jaap 11 Times. Rakshasurta Dharan on the hands”.

On the days of Amavasyas in Pandokhar Dham an individual should do the following:

Should have a dip or bath at the holy river named Puspawati. This river is equivalent to Ganga. The river is said to be sacred and holy too. One can attain Puniya after having a bath in this river.

Should have Darshan of Surya Bala ji ( Shiv-ling). It is better have the darshan at the early morning hours when the first ray of son falls on the lingam.

Should have darshan of Shri Manshapurna Hanumanji, Shri Ram Drabar, Shri Hatiwaan Maharaj and Shri Samdhi Wale Maharaj.

Should chant Shri Pandokhar Sarkar and “Omm Namshaya Shivai” 11 times and then should tie the rakshasutra.

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