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When Tharpanam can be Done for Ancestors?

According to Hindu religious pundits, “Tarpanam is a ritual with offerings (food) to departed spirits which is especially effective during New Moon days.”

It can be performed on every New Moon Day. Certain days that are specially marked powerful for assisting ancestors are as follows:

First New Moon after the Vedic Winter Solstice

First day of Vedic Winter Solstice (also known as Pongal)

First day of Vedic Summer Solstice

First day of the Vedic New Year

First New Moon after the Vedic Summer Solstice

Mahalaya New Moon usually comes up at end of September

If a devotes doesn’t remember the death date of their grandparents, parents, relatives, brother or sister or any member deceased can perform their Tarpanam on the following days according to the Hindu religious texts and inscriptions.

During the Mahalaya Amavasya time, this particular day is locally known as Maha Bharani. It occurs on a special 14 day period that happens in a calendar year. Or it can be performed on the Madhya Ashtami or the Maha Ashtami that is the waning 8th Moon day during the Mahalaya period.

Devotees can chant the mantra known as Narayana Narayana Govinda Govinda. This can be done onbehalf of the grandparents, parents, relatives, brother or sister or any member deceased.

The devotees can visit the temple to perform Tarpanam or call upon a priest to perform it at home. It is highly advised to remain in fasting during the entire process of Tarpanam. Forefathers blessing and satisfaction will definitely bring good prosperity in life ahead.

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