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When Shraddha can be Done for Ancestors?

Most of the Hindus feels someone’s spirit among the forefathers is not at peace or might even feel that late family member spirits aren’t at peace.

They don’t have any idea about how to satisfy them or bring peace or comfort for their ancestors. It is to be noted that a soul passes from the earth and stays at Pitralok. Once on every Amavasya they visit the earth to meet those belonging of them on earth. Therefore it is the duty of the Hindus to give due respect and offering to satisfy them and make them return back happily to Pitralok again. This unique custom and tradition is religiously followed among the Hindus from centuries.

The act of dissembling of consciousness of a valuable human life in permanently leaving a body is referred in Vedic tradition in an elaborated manner. Other details regarding their stay at Pitralokam and their periodic visit to earth plane is well explained in it.

The Hindus can hire a trained religious scholars and pundits to perform special rites and rituals on the day of Amavasya and the death date of their forefathers. It is to be highly noted that when Shraddha and Tarpanam is done, the family members get the ultimate blessing from the forefathers for better health and wealth in life.

According to a leading religious expert, “Shrardha is a formal ritual which has been conducted in India for thousands of years to help a soul’s transition after death to either heaven or their next birth. It is usually sponsored by a family member or a close friend.”

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