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What should a Hindu religious devotee do on the day of Amavasya?

Hindu religious devotees should perform the following things on the day of Amavasya. They are:

  • They should perform thilabhishekam on saniamavasya days, sanijayanthi (pushya masam bahula astami) and sanitrayodasi.

  • They should donate 1 kg 900 grams of black till to a Brahmin.

  • They should feed a black cow with till and jiggery mix.

  • They should do fasting on Saturadays and remain only on liquid diet only from 6 am to 6 pm.

  • They should the crows in the morning hours.

  • They should feed the physically disabled individuals.

  • They should perform Navagraha pradakshinas that is 19 rounds around the Navagraha idols.

  • They should visit the nearest Sani temples and perform rituals and prayers.

  • They should light two lamps with oil in front of the main door of the home after dusk with till oil.

  • They should recite “dasaradha maharaja krutha sani sthothram.

  • Jyestadevi, saneeshwara swamyvarla kalyanam (sravana purnimaday).

  • Sanijapam 19000, with moolamantram, punarcharana, havanan, danam.

  • Sanaichara vratham, homam on Saturdays in sravana masam.

  • Sanaichara dheeksha: sravana sudda vidiya to sravana bahula sashti.

  • Chanting: ‘rama nama’, Hanuman chalisa, Durga sthuthi.

  • Prayers and devotion to Hanuman, Sri Durga Devi, Vinayaka”.

  • They should offer to the crows, curd rice well-mixed with cumin seeds.

  • They should feed an orphan child.

One will get better result by doing wholeheartedly these acts on the day of Amavasya. They can do any of the above said things for fruitful results in personal and professional life. 

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