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What is actual income?

Some people can’t love God as much they do for Money. That is their weakness and they feel proud to save their wealth.

People don’t share their money with anyone. Let us have a look into a story which tell us the importance of sharing your wealth with other.

Once there lived a man in a village. He never helped any one and didn’t spend his wealth although he had it a lot. He had kept his wealth in a secret place at his home and tried to protect it from the thief.

He never revealed to his family where he had kept his wealth. After some years pass on, he was on bed with ill-health.

Now he can’t convey to his family where he had kept his wealth because he can’t speak or can’t get off bed. He tried to convey to his family with some imitations with his hands but that went in vain.

Finally he died and his family went to deep trouble and they sold their house to get some money.

All the Vedas and Puranas say that when we have wealth we have to spend at least 1/4’th of it to wards the society.

People can never take their wealth with them when they leave this world.

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