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Walkeshwar Temple in Mumbai : Spot for Amavasya Pujas, Rituals

The Walkeshwar Temple is located in Walkeshwar, closeby Malabar Hill neighborhood, in the southern Mumbai region in the state of Maharashtra, India.

It is rightly situated at the highest point of this metropolitan city. Banganga Tank is located nearby this particular temple. This temple is largely dedicated to the Hindu god, Lord Shiva. This temple is locally known as the Baan Ganga Temple.

Every month, during the new moon, Amavasya and full moon, the temple is usually very busy with devotees. It is to be noted even the local legends say that this island was used by the Malabar pirates as their favorite spot to hide during the 16th and 17th centuries. During the annual temple festival, Hindustani classical music festival is conducted in a grand manner. On the other hand, on the western and northern banks of the tank are located the Shri Kashi Math and the Shri Kavle Math which is the popular seats of Gaud Saraswat Brahmins

Walkeshwar means according to Sanskrit language which means an idol made of sand — Valuka Iswar, an Avatar of Shiva. Hindu religious scholars and pundits say that the name is derived etymologically. They also said that the temple’s idol is made of sand by Lord Rama at this spot when he waited for his brother, Laxman to bring an idol. This happened during the Lord Rama, Sita and Laxman’s vanavasa period. When Lord Rama was thirsty for water then there was only sea water. Then he shot the arrow on earth and brought the Ganga over here. Therefore this tank is known as Bana Ganga. The tanks water is formed by the natural spring.

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