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Vrindavan Radha Damodar Temple

Radha Damodar temple is located in Vrindavan, in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This particular temple is known for special prayers and rituals during the Karthika month.

The main presiding deity of this temple is Radha Damodar. It is one of the principal temples of Vrindavan. It is also considered as one of the seven original Gaudiya temples.

The important festivals of this temple are last Ekadasi in Ashwin (Papankusha Ekadashi), Sharadiya Rasa Purnima, the last Ekadasi in Karttik (Utthana Ekadashi) and Kartika purnima. On the other hand, on all the days of purnima and Amavasya, special pujas and rituals are conducted in this temple with great devotion and dedication.

Karthika month is treated as special significance in the month of Hindu calendar. Karthika purnima has much religious and social importance among the devotees. In this temple, Radha Damodar festival commences on Karttik Purnima and is held for next 34 days. Lighting of lamps is a specialty of this temple by devotees. On the other hand, devotees indulge in chanting of the Damodarashtakam while in prayers and rituals.

In this temple, special arrangements are done for reading and recital of sacred texts, daily bhajans, daily Hari katha and cultural activities in a full-fledged manner. According to the local legends, special spiritual benefit is attained during this particular month if a devotee goes four circumambulations of the deity chanting the mantras of Damodarashtakam. Devotees from north India visit this temple particularly in the Karthika month with great devotion and dedication. Local and foreign tourists also visit this temple.

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