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Visweswara Temple at Kolanupaka, Bhuvanagiri, Nalgonda Dist

This renowned kshetra is recorded in the sthalapuranas as Bimbavathipura, Somasekharapura, Vyakhyanagara etc. This is located near a holy well called Kasibugga. So this water is called apara Gangajala and the Sivalinga, apara Kasi Visweswara linga. Hence this sacred place is given the name of Dakshinakasi. An account of numerous Kolanus – ponds found in abundance here, it is called Kolanupaka.

The linga is self-manifested and called Kotilinga. It is about four ‘and a half feet in height, and four feet in circumference. It is adorned with thousand small similar lingas carved around it forming, as it were, a chain around. This appeared . according to the priests and puranas as gold linga in Kritayuga, silver one is Treta yuga, copper linga in Dwapara yuga and granite in Kaliyuga. This was built by King Kumara Someswara of Kalyani Chalukya dynasty.

It lies at Kolanupaka, 25 km off Bhuvanagiri in the Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh.

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