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Vinayaki, Ganeshini (Ganesh in Female form, Feminine Ganesha)

According to the religious sacred text, Lord Ganesh’s feminine form is Vinayaki.  She has female breast and an elephant head. In India, there are only few such representations of Vinayaki.

On a stone lintel that is located in Rikhian, Banda district, Uttar Pradesh. This stone belongs to 10 th century, Pratîhâra period

In Udayapur, Madhya Pradesh (north-east Vidisha), on the south wall of the Shiva temple, Vinayaki and Vinayaka are beautifully represented together. This belongs to the 11 th century, Paramara period. This is one of the rear sight and according to Hindu religious scholar the only depiction in India.

Shri Aingini temple is located in Bheraghat, near the Narmada Falls, near Jabalpur. The main deity is Vinayaki and it belongs to a 11 th century. This temple is grouped as Yogini temple.

A Vinayaki temple is located in Suhania, Morena region. This temple belongs to 10 th century, Pratîhara period.

At display in the Indian Museum located in Kolkotta is the idol of a notable Vrishaba. At its feet is nice small seated Vinayaki. It is a cow-headed goddess with four arms. It belongs to the 10 th century, Chedi period. It was excavated from Satna.

A  Yogini is Vinayaki in a temple situated Hirapur near Bhubaneshwar, in Orissa. It is located in a paddy field. It belongs to the 10th century, East Ganga period.

A  Yogini temple is also located in Ranipur Jhariyal. It belongs to 10th century, East Ganga period.

Vyâghrapâda Vinayakî with tiger feet is located in Chidambaram, in Tamil Nadu.

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