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Vatasavitri Vrata Procedure, Vidhi

The main Sankalp of the Vatasavitri Vrat of Jyeshtha Pournima by the married woman must be that, “May my husband and I have a healthy and long life.”

Then the married women should perform Shodashopchar puja pf the banyan tree. After successfully performing the said ritual, a strong thread must be tied perfectly thrice in the clockwise direction around the middle truck of the banyan tree.

At the final phase of the said puja, all the married women should wholeheartedly with dedication and devotion must pray thus to Lord Brahma and Savithri as, “Let me have a happy, uninterrupted and joyous married life, let me get the same husband in every birth, let there be prosperity with food and the family.”

It is to be noted that fasting plays a prominent role in Vatasavitri Vrat of Jyeshtha Pournima. It should be observed by the married women the entire day in order to get fruitful results and desires to be fulfilled. According to a leading Hindu religious scholar, “Vatasavitri Vrat of Jyeshtha Pournima is to be observed only after visiting Kashi (also known as Banaras, one of the holiest cities in Bharat). The oldest married lady of the house, who started observing this vrat after visiting Kashi, passes the tradition on to her eldest daughter-in-law after the demise of her husband.”

It is to be highly observed that most of the married women in the household along with their relatives, friends and neighbors participate and observes Vatasavitri Vrat of Jyeshtha Pournima with much devotion and dedication for the well-being and welfare of their beloved husband.

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