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Varadvinayak Temple, Mahad, Raigad District, Maharashtra

The Varadvinayak Temple is situated at Mahad village of Raigad District. The temple is east facing and is surrounded by figures of 8 elephants on all the sides. The northern side of the Varadvinayak Temple features the mouth of a cow and is known as Gomukh. Holy water flows through the Gomukh’s mouth. There is a holy lake on the west.

There is a large hall inside the temple also known as Garbhagriha. There are the idols of Riddhi and Siddhi the two wives of Ganesha and the two idols Ganesh placed in the hall. The idols have their trunks twisted on the left. one of the idols is made up of white marble and the other is covered with orange vermillion.

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