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Vaikasi Amavasai (Vaikasi Masam Amavasya)

According to the traditional Tamil calendar, the month of Vaikasi falls in May-June as per English Calendar. The new moon falling in this month is popularly known as Vaikasi Amavasya.

During this particular day, the Utsava Murthy, Lord Shiva-Somaskanda is given the grandest abhishekams of the year with much festivity and celebration. It happens in most of the big temple of Arunachaleswara and other temples of Lord Shiva.

It is to be remembered the temple of the primary deity, Lord Shiva is found of the left corridor of the interior mandapam of the principal sanctum. In the early morning, the ceremonies start with Rudra japa and Mahanyasam then the kalasams and all kinds of e abhishekam elements are consecrated to the Lord. Finally the Maha Abhishekam commences in the presence of all the devotees.

The materials used in the Abhishekam during the Vaikaasi Amavasya are 5000 liters of milk, few liters of rose water, turmeric paste, honey, curd, ghee, Sandalwood paste etc. the alankaram of the Lord is done with different kinds of flowers. A variety of fruits ranging from mangoes, banana, apples, grapes, guavas, jackfruits, coconut, dates, pomegranates etc are kept in a basket in front of the Lord.

The devotees who witness the Abhisekham process are said to be blessed with good health and wealth. The devotees also contribute with materials for the Abhisekham of the Lord. There is a long queue at the abhisekham exit point in order to collect the prasadam. It is highly advised to visit the nearest temple on the day of Vaikaasi Amavasya for a better life ahead.

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