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Unity in society- limited public pandal for Ganesh Chaturthi festival

Most of the metropolitan cities, town and village come live during the 10 days Ganesh festival. There are permanent popular Ganesh mandals who organize every year Ganesh pandals with different size and form Ganesh idols. A month before the Ganesh Chathurthi, the collection of funds from the public gets momentum and once the collection work is over. The organizers get into making or purchasing Ganesh idols for the festivity.

It is a common sight these days that there are many number of Ganesh pandals in a same lane or street. In the society or community, people are very proud to say that they are united but when it comes to Ganesh festival they prove it wrong. The evidence of three to four Ganesh idols in a street is the best statement to prove this.

It is to be highly noted that more number of Ganesh idols and pandals means more noise pollution, more garbage and high environmental problems ahead for future. It is largely advised to have a huge pandal at one locality instead of having many in the locality.

Residents belonging to particular street or locality should join hands to show their strength by coming together in celebrating Ganesh festival. They should show their unity through pooling their mental and physical efforts in making the Ganesh pandal activity grand success in a given locality. Men and women folks along with their children can participate in the immersion event too by showing their unity in celebration. The joy of doing anything united has its own enjoyment and merry.

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