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UK Hindus To Protest Taliban Regime

LONDON, ENGLAND, July 9, 2001: Hindu Human Rights group (HHR) is deeply concerned about the plight of Hindus in Afghanistan. Recently, the ruling Taliban Regime issued an order that all Hindus should wear yellow armbands so that they could be “easily identified” in public. It has been reported that this has been retracted to a decree that all Hindus should carry identification cards, again for “easy public identification.” the group states in this press release, “We say that armbands, special clothing or ID cards all amount to one thing — discrimination and the abuse of basic human rights. The world must see these actions for what they are; the relegation of Hindus to second-class citizens in their own country.” The group is organizing a protest in front of the Prime Minister’s house, 10 Dowing Street, on Saturday, July 14 at 11:30am.

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