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Traits of Women from Nose & Ears

Nasika Lakshan is art of predicting the traits and future from the shape, size, structure and marks on the nose and Karna Lakshan means predicting traits from the ears. In this post I have translated the verses from the original Sanskrit text which predict the future of women as per the structure of their nose and ears.

”She whose nose is straight, small and possesses round nostrils is a fortunate woman. The nose which has a thick tip and which is bent in the middle is not a good sign”.

“She whose nose has a reddish tip and is crocked will become widow. The one with a flat nose will be under the domination of others and the one with a long nose will have a quarrelsome nature”

“Long and roundish ears are auspicious and beneficial and those ears having coarse inners with a lot of hair are inauspicious”

Other than these sign there are a lot of other indicators for predicting the traits and future; so do not take these prediction as being hard and fast. I will be writing more about this unique Tantra soon.


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