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Tirupathi Balaji Temple, Nerul, Maharashtra

As a replica of the Tirupathi Balaji Temple, the Balaji Temple of Nerul, Maharashtra stands erect. Inside the temple there is the Bali Peethan and a tall Dhwaja Stambha. Beside these there are a few stair cases leading to the entrance hall which is also known as the Tiru Mamani Mantapam. The hall is guarded by two door keepers- Jaya and Vijaya.

There is also the Ardha Mantapam and Garbha Griham is constructed in granite stones which are also the exact replica of the Tirupathi temple. Devotees are only allowed to enter till the Ardha Mantapam. The idol of Balaji is placed at Garbha Griham. The festivals and other customaries of the temple take place in the Kalyan Mantapam. Thousands of devotees come here to listen to Bhajans, Keertans, Pravachans, and Kalyana Utsavam.

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