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The Tradition of Henna Mehndi

Henna Mehandi has its own significance in India and middle-east. It is like a tradition in India, and women used to adorn their hands and feet by using Henna Mehndi. Henna Mehandi is basically a paste that is obtained from the leaves of henna plant. It has a special place in the lives of married women (suhagans) who usually apply this on the occasions like Karwa Chauth.

Henna Mehandi is considered a symbol of good fortune for married women, in the Indian culture. Here is a belief in India that the women whose mehendi has left a dark color will get plenty of love and care from her husband. It is said that Henna Mehendi also gives a lesson to a new bride that she should do her best to delight her husband and in-laws, like Henna Mehendi itself do for her by providing its lovely color to her hands and feet.

The business of applying mehandi is on a boom in the festive season, especially at the time of Karwa Chauth. At this time, almost all markets are crowded with people and commodities. Henna artists designing fascinating and intricate patterns on the palm and feet of ladies, is a common site in such markets. Beauty parlors also offer exciting mehendi and makeup offers on such occasions.

Married Indian women usually get Henna Mehendi applied on their hands, before performing any ritual. Beautiful and fascinating designs are created on their hands and feet by expert mehandi artists. These designs range from the traditional floral patterns to geometrical shapes and abstract designs. According to most of the Indian women, Henna Mehndi not only colors their hands, but also their lives with joy and ecstasy.

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