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The immersion of Ganesh idols & Pollution issues

In the present scenario of Ganesh Chathurthi, the major issues related to this festivity is that the water in the lake get polluted due to the immersion of Ganesh idols made of Plaster of Paris. It is to be noted that in order to give bright and fancy color, harmful paints and dyes are used on the plaster of Paris idols.

In the festival as the plaster of Paris idols of the Goddesses image are immersed into the water bodies of milieu such as lakes, rivers, sea, etc. Therefore, these water bodies are affected the most conventionally. The entire process resembles the nature’s cycle of formation and closure. Only some of the idols are made of mud and it is taken from the neighbor’s house. But the when the festival is over the idols are immersed in water and sent back to Earth.

Nowadays few state governments are sponsoring to take initiatives to create Ganesh idols with pure clay. Generally plaster is considered as the artificial material made by humans, so it is simpler in molding, light weight and economic in comparison to clay material. Since the manufacturing of these mud Ganesh deities increased, the importance of Plaster of Paris also raised higher as the natural or earthen clay material is replaced by the former.

Beside this, plaster is both non-biodegradable and not dissolvable in water. Moreover, after immersion of the plaster idols the real decorative non-biodegradable accessories that prettify the deity assembled in the beach sand. Furthermore, to embellish these plaster idols, the chemical content paintings are also responsible for water contamination. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ganesh idols are creating pollution

  2. Anonymous says:

    pollution due to immersion of ganesh idols

  3. Anonymous says:

    ganpati immersion in pitru paksha

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