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The dancing posture of Lord Ganesh

According to the Linga-Purâna, in front of the assembly of gods, Lord Ganesh started to dance before venturing to fight the devils. This may be the reason why most of the Lord Ganesh is depicted in the images, idols and statutes in the dynamic posture or dancing posture in the ancient times and even depicted in the same manner now.

There are strong evidences to prove these famous postures of Lord Ganesh. They are the ancient Ganesh representation found in Aïhole, Elephanta and Saptamâtrikâ where the image is similarly and strongly associated with Shiva Nâtarâja. By the end of 6th century in Badami, Karnataka’s Cave 1, image depicts Lord Ganesh’s first dance posture that is both feet well fixed on the ground.

In the 8th century Lord Ganesh’s depiction, there are images, idols and statues of Lord Ganesh only in the dancing posture or dynamic postures, sometimes along with devotees playing drums and other musical instruments. This form of Ganesh is known as Nritya-Ganapati or Nritya-Ganesha. Dolahasta means the trunk of Lord Ganesh in the dancing form.

One of the famous dymnamic posture or dancing posture is known as Ardhapradilasan posture that is largely found in Nepal. It is much similar to Shiva’s ûrdhvajanu dance. These type of Lord Ganesh posture is only found in Northern India and not in Southern India.

Some dance forms of Lord Ganesh is similar to the angry deities of the Mahâyâna. These are known angry dance movement and expression are well displayed on the face and body languages.

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