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Thaliparamba Rajarajeshwara Temple: Purnima Puja

The Rajarajeswara temple is located at Taliparamba in the district of Kannur, in the state of Kerala, South India. It is a Shiva temple. It is regarded as one of the existing 108 ancient Lord Shiva Temples of Kerala. Amongst the numerous Shiva temples in South India, this particular temple has much prominent place among the devotees.

According the local legends, the tallest shikhara amongst the temples of its period was held by this temple. A traditional method of astrological decision making is held in this temple for all types of religious and social issues of this region. It is conducted on auspicious days at particular time in the presences of respected peoples of the given society plus devotees.

In the early eleventh century, this temple was built. According to the local legends, long before the Kali Yuga commenced, it was supposedly renovated by Sage Parashurama. Later it was renovated successfully by the Mushika (Kolathiri) dynasty kings. This temple doesn’t have any Flag post in the temple premises. The special attraction of this temple are its, quadrangular sanctum with a two-tiered pyramidal roof; namaskara mandapam and its beautiful paintings.

It is to be highly noted that Non-Hindus are not permitted to enter this temple. This temple is equivalent to the Shiva temple at Ettumanur, Vadakkunnathan and Vaikom temple at Trichur. It is regarded as one of the ancient Shakti Peethams. Several thousands of years old are the Shiva Linga of this temple. All the days of purnima and amavasya are celebrated in a grand manner in this temple.

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