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Thai Pongal 2016, Thai Pongal 2016 date in Tamil Nadu

Thai Pongal 2016, Thai Pongal 2016 date in Tamil Nadu, Thai Pongal festival in 2016, when is Thai Pongal in 2016?

Thai Pongal is the most important festival of South India especially in Tamil Nadu. It is the festival of harvest celebrated on the day of Makar Sankranti. This is dedicated to the worship of the Sun God for giving good harvest and people offer the first grains of the harvest to him on this day. People also beleive that the beginning of Thai paves the way for new opportunities in life.

In 2016, Thai Pongal date is January 15.

Thai in tamil means the tenth month in Tamil calendar and Pongal is the sweet dish made of rice boiled with sugar which is a speciality in this region. Pongal also means the boiling over or spilling over and symbolically represent abundance of wealth in the household.

On this day people make Pongal with rice, jaggery, cashew nuts and raisins and offer it as naivedya to the Sun God. Later after the worship it is consumed as prasad among the family members and friends. People also make the salted version of Pongal and it is a delight to have both of them on this day.

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