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Thai Amavasya in ‘Agnitheertha Kadarkarai’

The Indian subcontinent is a peninsular blessed with three large water bodies; they are Bay of Bengal in the east, The Arabian Sea in the west and The Indian Ocean in the south.

The coastal line of India has several beaches and vast not so deep shore where peoples can have bath or dip in the Ocean or sea water. One such holy bathing or dip place is popularly known as ‘Agnitheertha Kadarkarai’ in the costal lines of Tamil Nadu.

Agnitheertha Kadarkarai is located adjust to famous Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple located in Rameswaram in the state of Tamil Nadu, South India. It is an ancient and historical temple largely associated with ancient Hindu tradition and culture.

On the day of “Thai Amavasya,” (new moon in the Tamil month of ‘Thai’), thousands of Hindu devotees from various parts of Tamil Nadu and rest of the country visit ‘Agnitheertha Kadarkarai’ near Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple located in Rameswaram in the state of Tamil Nadu, South India in order to take a holy dip in the shallow sea off the coast line.

It is strongly believed by the Hindu religious devotees that the souls of the ancestors or forefathers directly visit the earth in order to bless their descendents. On the seashore of ‘Agnitheertha Kadarkarai’ various prayer meeting, poojas and rituals are performed according to the ancient Hindu tradition and culture. At Navapashanam – Devipattinam, special prayers are offered to ‘Navagrahas’. It is to be remembered that a grand procession carrying the idols Sita, Lord Rama and Lord Shiva from the temple reaches for special poojas to the seashore of ‘Agnitheertha Kadarkarai’.

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    name the places for holy dip on amavasya day tamil nadu

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