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Temples to visit in Kannur for Purnima Puja

Kannur is a district that lies in the northern part of Kerala. It is a developing city that is dotted with many ancient, medieval and modern Hindu temples in the heart of the city and in the remote ares of the district in popular villages that is near the river or stream.

Hindus in this region mainly observe Amavasya and Purnima days with lot of dedication and devotion according to the Hindu tradition and culture based on ancient text and literature. Some of the temples that can be wholeheartedly visited for conducting pujas and rituals are the most popular Kottiyoor Shiva Temple, Muthappan Temple Parassinikkadavu and Kannur Railway Muthappan Temple.

The other famous temples are Oliyankara Juma Masjid, Cherukunnu, Thavam temple, Cherukunnu, Annapoorneshwari Temple, Cherukunnu, Sree Rajarajeswara temple Taliparambu, Trichambaram Temple Taliparambu, Peralassery Sri Subramhmanya Temple, Moonnu Pettumma Palli, Pappinisseri, Aroli Sree Vadeswaram Shiva Kshethram, Pappinisseri, Madayi Kavu Pazhayangadi, Madayi Palli Pazhayangadi, Kadalayi Sreekrishna Temple, Saidar Mosque, Thalassery, Sree Jagannath Temple, Thalassery, Thiruvangad Temple, Thalassery, Sree Ramaswami Temple, Thalassery, Sundareswara Temple Kannur, Pallikunnu Sree Mookambika Temple Kannur, Oorpazhassi Kavu, Sri Mavilayikkavu. Muchilot Bagavathi, Cheruthazham Sree Raghavapuram Temple (Hanumarambalam), Payyanur Sree Subramanya Swami Temple and Sree Kizhkkeykara Sree Krishna Temple.

These temples are open for devotees from early morning to evening hours. Only in few temples there are break in the timing of opening for darshan. It is to be noted that most of the temples are open for long hours during the festival and auspicious days in order to manage the large number of devotees who drop in with great devotion and dedication.

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