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Temples Closed during Grahan

According to Hindu tradition, most of the religious places are closed during an eclipse. There is one upcoming Chandra grahan on the 28th of November. This is not visible in most parts of India and hence not many rituals are prescribed during this chandra grahan. However many temples would remain closed during grahan.

Temples remaining closed during grahan is not without any reason . Nor is it any blind belief. It is based on many facts. Sun is the major source of light to the earth and the Moon also influences the water bodies in the earth due to its gravitational pull. Hence these two planets have a significant impact on the earth in their own way.

When you closely observe most ancient temples, they were built in such a way as the rays of the Sun fall into the temple. The Sun emits many rays of which most are good for the planet and very few are harmful. But during grahan, it has been proved that there would be many harmful rays emitted by the Sun which is not good for humans. Hence in order to prevent people from coming out of their homes and exposing themselves to the harmful rays, temples traditionally have been shut down during grahan. It was mere common sense which our ancestors used to protect the society. It can be related to a modern day school being shut down in the anticipation of a riot or a massive rain. It is as simple as this.

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