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Taxakeshwar Temple, Mandsaur district, Madhya Pradesh

The Taxakeshwar Temple is also known as Takhaji Temple. It is a popular place of worship which is located in the district of Mandsaur. This is the abode of Taxak, the serpent king and he is devoted here in the form of Taxakeshwar. However, the local inhabitants know the god in the name of Takhaji. The shrine or temple is located on Hinglajgarh Road at a distance of 22 km from the town of Bhanpura.

The site is quite popular in terms of scenic splendor. In 1821, this site was toured by James Tod, an Oriental Scholar and an English administrator of the British East India Company, and he was stunned by the natural beauty of the place.

The effigy of Lord Dhanwantari is set up before the figure of Taxaka. In addition, the principal temple also houses the sculpture of Shiva, which is regarded as the husband of Taxaka.

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