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Talakad Temples near T.Narasipura

The village of Talakad is located near T. Narasipura, in the district of Mysore, in the state of Karnataka. It is spiritual pilgrimage and scenic centre situated on the bank of the Kapila Cauvery River.

This particular village is situated near the Bangalore and Mysore Highway. The historical name of this village is Talakadu which is mentioned in ancient texts and scriptures. The River Cauvery takes a sharp turn in this village.

The main temples of this village are Mallikarjuna temples, Vaidyanathee-shwara temple, Arkeshwara temple, Maruleshwara or Saikateshwara temple and Pathaleshwara or Vasukishwara temple. According to the local legends, the five Lingams are strongly believed to largely represent the five faces of Lord Shiva. The specialty of Pataleshwara Shivalingam is that the lingam’s color changes, white in the evening, black in afternoon and red in the morning. There is also a Vishnu temple and Keerthinarayana temple built in the Chalukyan style during the 12th century.

This village was patronized by the Hoysalas in the 12th century, then Vijayanagar Kings and later by the Maharajas of Mysore. It is to be highly noted that this village was the capital of the Ganga Dynasty (350-999 AD). Once every 12 years, a fair is held and known as Panchalinga Darshana in honour of above five Shiva temples. It is conducted in a grand scale on the new moon day in the month of Karthika. Thousands of devotees from Banglore and Mysore visit these temples during the days of Purnima to offer special worship, prayers and rituals.

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