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Surya Grahan Sutaka Period for 23rd October 2014

The period during which Surya Grahan occurs is said to be inauspicious. This period of Grahana is also called Surya Grahana Sutaka. It is advisable not to do any auspicious work during this period other than chanting of mantras.

Things to avoid during Surya Grahana Sutaka :

During the period of Surya Grahan, the atmosphere is not conducive for many activities. Some of the things need to be avoided during this period. It is better not to cook food during Grahana. Sexual Activities should be strictly avoided. You should also not try to watch the Grahana with naked eyes. You should always wear protective gear as advised by medical professionals.

Pregnant women should take extra care and chant the santana gopal krishna mantra to ward off the ill effects of Surya Grahana.

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