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Surya Grahan 23rd October 2014 effect in India

This year 2014 saw 2 solar eclipses. The first one occured on April 29 2014 and now , we have one more happening on 23rd October 2014. According to Indian Standard Time IST, The Surya Grahan will occur between 1.08 am to 5.22 am. This would be the early morning of 24th October.

Surya Grahan on Diwali Effect :

This year, the strange thing is that the Surya Grahan is happening on the day of Diwali. Will this have any significant effect on us. It may have happened so, but since the Surya Grahan of 23rd October 2014 is not visible in India, there will not be any negative effects. Even then, it is best that you follow the standard precautions taken for every Grahan.

You can minimise the effects of Grahan by chanting mantras during the period of Grahan. Many people also use this period for doing Sadhana. It is said that mantras chanted during Surya Grahan will yield 1000 times result.

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