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Sun(Surya) – Astrological Information

पद्मासनः पद्मकरो द्विबाहुः पद्मद्युतिः सप्ततुरंगवाहनः ।
दिवाकरो लोकगुरुः किरीटी मयि प्रसादं विदधातु देवः ।।

Friends : Moon, Mars, Jupiter.
Enemies : Saruen, Venus.
Neutral : Mercury.
Lord of : Leo.
Mooltrikona : Leo 0-20.
Exaltation : Aries 10.
Debilitation : Libra 10.
Kalas/kiranas : 30/20.
Sex : Male.
Direction : East.
Lucky stone : Ruby, Garnet.
Lucky colours : Orange, saffron, light red.
Diety : Siva, Fire, Rudra, Lord Narayana, Sachidanand.
Articles of donation : Wheat, copper, ruby, rur, red cloth or flowers, sandal wood, khandsari,   saffron( On Sunday at Sunrise.)
Appearance : Honey colored eyes, square in shape, short hair, hyper irritability, weak   eyesight, well proportionate body.
Humor & part of the Body : Bile, wind, bones, knees, navel.
Ailments : Heart disease, bone fracture, migraine, jaundice, fever, burns, cuts, wounds,   gonorrhea, poisoning, skin diseases, leprosy, bilious constitution, weak eye   sight, stomach.
Represents : Soul, ego, atma, vitality, strength, doctoring, capacity, dhatus.
Prominent Qualities : Political, royal, aristocratic planet, a natural atamkarka. Barren, a sources of life,   heat and energy, quadruped.

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