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Subramanya Shasti – Dec 8, 2013

This auspicious day, 8’th December,2013 is the birth day of Lord Subramanya Swamy, and is known as Subramanya Shasti.

Lord Subramanya Swamy is considered to be the universal lord who blesses human beings and helps them to get rid of their sins.

Lord Subrahmanya majorley worshipped by Indian’s. The people who suffer from financial crisis, delay in marriages, and those who are prone to frequent accidents are advised to offer prayers to Lord Subramanya Swamy for better results.

This auscipicious day, 8’th December,2013, by performing abhishekam to Lord Subramanya Swamy.

Astrologers advises to recite the Lord Subramanya Astothram on this day to get rid of their problems and seek His blessings.

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