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Stree Deergha Compatibility (Sthree Deerkka Porutham) for Marriage Matching

If the Groom Nakshatra is above 13 Nakshatras from that of the Bride Nakshatra, Sthree Deerkka Porutham is considered effective.

This is believed to render a good wealth, prosperity and happiness to the couple.

There is also a school of thought that if the Groom Nakshatra is above 7 Nakshatras from that of the Bride Nakshatra, it is enough.

Normally above 13 Nakshatras is considered as optimum (Uthama Porutham).

Above 7 Nakshatras – but below 13 Nakshatras is considered as moderate (Maddhima Porutham) , while processing a horoscope matching.

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