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Story of Intelligence of Ganesha (Vinayaka’s Pradakshina to Shiva & Parvati)

There was a story behind Ganesha acquiring Modaka which he always holds in his hands. All the gods had decided to visit Kailas in order to pay the respects to Shiva and the goddess Parvati. They all have presented goddess Parvati a specially prepared sweet called modaka.

After knowing the incidence, both Ganesha and Karthikeya have demanded the sweet from goddess Parvati. Parvati then explained the importance of sweet modaka. Besides, she explains that Modaka has all the rare ingredients as well as dipped in the nectar. It is believed that with the smell of this sweet, one could attain immortality. The person who consumes this sweet would be greater in all the respects. It is said that any person who eats that sweet would gain all the knowledge.

Meanwhile, the goddess Parvati then challenges both of her sons to prove their worth. A person who wins the challenge can have Modaka. Also among the two, the best and the righteous one can have the modaka.

The task has started and both were equally excited and anxious. Karthikeya had already taken of his peacock in order to prove his sense of righteous. He was in his own direction and followed it strictly.

Karthikeya could not see anything in his path except the goal of winning. He began to dip in the ponds and rivers of the world which were sacred and in the pure form. According to Karthikeya, this was the perfect solution to win the task. He began his journey and started worshiping all the Goddesses and the Gods. He reached to Kailasa within the given Muhurta. By that time, Lord Ganesha had already acquired the modaka. Ganesha had simply gone round Shiva and goddess Parvati with a heart full of humility and the devotion.

The result is that a person who is devoted towards his parents is sixteen times more meritorious than the person who leaves home. There is of no use if the person dips in all holy rivers without the blessings of the own parents.

The merit goes to the Ganesha for his devotion and respect towards his parents and not aiming at winning the goal. There was a token of appreciation to Ganesha for his intelligence.

Mother Parvati was very much impressed with Ganesha’s intelligence. However, the goddess Parvati handed over the Modaka to Ganesha.

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    ganpati pradakshina around parvati story

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    vinayaka pradakshina to shiva & parvati

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    pradakshina ganpati of shiv and parvati story with images

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