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Sri Veezhinatheswarar Temple, Thiruveezhimizhalai 

On the wedding day with Mother Parvathi, the Lord appeared as if to take a trip to Kasi with his wedding dress, he is also called Mappillaiswami (Mappillai – son-in-law). The Mahamandapa or the great hall appears as a marriage hall. There is also a Shiva Linga near the flag post called (Dwajasthamba). There are also bat sculptures on the walls in the hall where many celebrate their 61st birth day.

People pray for removal of obstacles in marriage talks and for child boon.

Devotees perform abishek, archanas and offer vastras to Lord and Mother.

Speciality of Sri Veezhinatheswarar Temple, Thiruveezhimizhalai

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Festivals at Sri Veezhinatheswarar Temple, Thiruveezhimizhalai

Address & Contact Details of Sri Veezhinatheswarar Temple, Thiruveezhimizhalai

Sri Veezhinatheswarar temple, Thiruveezhimizhalai, Tiruvarur Dist.

Phone Number: +91-4366-273 050, 94439 24825

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    thiruveezhimizhalai mapillai swamy temple

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