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Sri Veerattaneswarar Temple, Tiruvadhigai 

The place and the temple are closely linked with the history of Saint Tirunavukkarasar. Though born to Saivite parents and brought up by his Shiva devotee sister Thilagavathy, Marul Neekiar – that was his baptism name – embraced Jainism and rose to Guruhood there with the name Dharumasenar. His sister, a staunch Shiva devotee, dedicated herself to the service of Lord Shiva by maintaining the temple, prayed to the Lord seeking her brother’s home coming to Saivism. Lord Shiva caused a severe stomach pain to Appar. None in the Jain camp could cure him. He came to sister Thilagavathy, fell at her feet for relief. The affectionate sister took the brother to Veerattaneswarar shrine, chanted the Panchakshara-five letters-Na Ma Shi Vaa Ya – and put the sacred ash on his forehead. Appar also consumed the ash and was miraculously cured instantly of his deadly stomach pain. Out came spontaneously Appar’s first hymn called Kodhil Neediya Tirupathigam beginning with the line “Kootru Aayinavaru Vilakka hileer”. Pleased with his poetic skill, Lord Shiva honoured Appar with the title Tiru Navukku Arasar-Tirunavukkarasar meaning king of tongues. Devotees seeking the grace of Lord Veerattaneswarar are relieved from the three basic evils glued with humans – viz. Aanavam-arrogance, Kanma, that which follows birth after birth and illusion. Devotee visiting this temple reaps the benefit of seeing the Lord in His abode Kailash. Saint Arunagiriar had praised Lord Muruga of the temple in his Tirupugazh hymns. Lord Shiva of this temple is also praised as Sri Samharamurthi (Tirukedilavanar). It is also believed that Lord Ammai Appar is praying Himself in the sanctum sanctorum. Mother is also praised as Sri Tirupurasundari. Lord Vinayaka is worshipped as Siddhi Vinayaka. Other Sacred springs of the temple are Shoola theertham, the well in the temple, Chakkara Theertham, a tank and River Kedila.

The immense benefit the devotee derives here is total peace of mind. Every disease will be cured by prayer, stomach related pains and ulcers in particular by applying the sacred ash and consuming it, freedom from enemies, disappearance of any curse following the family generation after generation, releasing the ancestors too from their sins ensuring total salvation are the benefits awaiting the devotee in this temple. Those seeking child boon consume the milk used in the abishek of Lord. People also pray for job opportunities, family prosperity also.

People decorate the entrance of sanctum sanctorum with garlands (Nilamalai) and do traditional offers as Pottu Kattudhal, offer Mangal Sutra to Mother, perform Trishadi archana containing 300 or Sahasranama archana with 1008 names of the Lord, break coconuts, perform abishek to Lord with curd, fruit juices, green coconut, panchamirta a mixture of five ingredients, scented powders, gingely oil, sandal, rosewater sacred ash vilwa leaves etc. and abishek with conches and Kalasas. Abishek is performed to Mother with turmeric powder. Devotees offer vastras to Mother and Lord. They also feed the visiting devotees.

Speciality of Sri Veerattaneswarar Temple, Tiruvadhigai

Lord Shiva is a swayambumurthi, large in size with 16 stripes on.

Opening Timings

The temple is open from 6.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. and from 5.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.

Festivals at Sri Veerattaneswarar Temple, Tiruvadhigai

  • 10 day Vasanth Utsav festival during Panguni-Chithirai Tamil months covering English March to May with Lord gracing from the Mandap
  • Chithirai (April-May) Sadayam star festival on Saint Appar Salvation event
  • 10 day Vaikasi Brahmmotsavam in May-June with Panchamurthi procession on silver vahan
  • 10 day Aadi Pooram
  • 10 day Manickavasagar utsav in Margazhi, 1 day Margazhi Tiruvadhirai with Theerthavari etc.

Address & Contact Details of Sri Veerattaneswarar Temple, Tiruvadhigai

Sri Veerattaneswar Temple, Tiruvadhigai-607 106, Panruti Post, Cuddalore dist.

Phone Number: +91-98419 62089

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