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Sri Veerabhadra Swamy Temple, Kothakonda, Karimnagar

Sri Veerabhadra Swamy Devasthanam Kothakonda(V), Bheemadevarapally (M), Karimnagar (District) is one among the famous Shiva kshetrams. This historical temple is located in the Kothakonda village in the Bheemadevarapally mandal of Karimnagar district in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

The temple is centre of attraction with sculpture magnificence, prakara mandapam, rajagopurams and a pushkarini in the eshanayam (nort east) side. It is said that the temple was constructed in the year 1410 by the Kedari Pandit, who is the grandson of Sri Mallikarjun Pandit of Kakatiya Rudreshwar era.

The temple which is over 200 years old is now in a dilapidated condition. It is believed that swamyvaru came here for dakshinayagam and later Tapovanrdham on a hill.There are seven ponds (koneru) around this hill. During the year 1600 few Potters came to the hill with bullock carts to collect wooden logs. After collecting the logs they found that their carts and the bullocks were missing. After searching for a while, the Kummaris slept at the place in the night.

Veerabhadra Swamy came in the dreams of the Kummaris and directed them to take him under the hill by constructing a temple. The Kummaris under Kedari Pandit, who was the grandson of Sri Mallikarjuna installed the idols in the newly constructed temple premises.

Since then the temple takes up Brahmotsavam every year. Makara Sankranti Jatara is celebrated every year splendidly. Lakhs of devotees attend the Makara Sankranti Jatara in the temple. It is said in the shastrams that during the Brahmotsavams if the devotees take the sarvankar nijadarshanam will be relieved off sufferings. During the Brahmotsavam Bhadrakalyanam is organized, during the Bhogi people ask god to fulfill their wishes and during the morning of Makara Sankranti devotees take darshan of Swamyvaru. During the Makara Sankranti hundreds of bullock carts roam around the temple. First the bullock cart of the Kummari community is allowed to revolve around the temple and then the other bullock carts are allowed. And on the final day of the Brahmotsavam `agni gundam’ is organized. People run on the agni gundam and there is a strong belief that one who walks on the agni gundam will be relieved off their health problems. Every year during the Shravana masam, Sri Veerabhadra Deeksha (27 days) is taken by the devotees. During the Dasara Navratri Utsavam Bhadrakali ammavari pooja is organized. For the benefit of the devotees, temple has constructed guest houses, bathing rooms and other facilities.

How to reach the temple :

By Bus– Karimnagar to Warangal road, Elakturthi to Makanoor via Kothakonda.
By Train– Kazipet to Hanumakonda Elakuturthi to Malkanorr via Kothakonda.
Nearest Famous temples- –

1) Bhadrakali temple           40 kms
2) Thousand Pillar temple 40 kms
3) Vemulawada                  100 kms
4) Kondagattu                    100 kms
5) Dharmapur                     130 kms
6) Komaravelli                    50 kms

Festivals of the temple
1) January-      Makara Sankranti        (main festival)
2) February-    Mahashivratri Utsavam
3) August-       Sravana Masam Sri Veerabhadra Swamy Nakshatra Deeksha
4) October-      Devi Navaratri (Bhadra Kali)
5) November-  Kartika Pournami Deepotsavam

People donate Mustaches to the deity.

Shashvata Pooja arjita seva details:-

 Shashvata Nitya Gotramarchana Rs. 3000.00
Shashvata Nitya Kalyanam (once in a year only) Rs. 5000.00
Shashvata Shravana Masa Pooja Rs. 1000.00

Shashvata Nityannadana scheme

Maharaja Poshakulu Rs. 1,00,000.00
Raja  Poshakulu Rs. 50,000.00
Poshakulu Rs. 10,000.00
Datalu Rs. 1,116.00

Mokkabadulu in the Swamyvari temple

kodenu kattuta Rs. 100.00
Keshakhandanam Rs. 15.00
Putta Ventrukala pooja Rs. 100.00
Abhishekam Rs. 100.00
Abhishekam (during Jatara) Rs. 200.00
Odivala Biyyam Rs. 20.00
Kumkumarchana Rs. 50.00
Sri Swamyvari Archana Rs. 50.00
Sevalu Rs. 150.00
Gandadeepamu Rs. 5.00
Vahana Poojalu  
Four wheelers Rs. 200.00
Auto Rs. 150.00
Two wheeler Rs. 100.00
Vivahamu Rs. 2000.00
Sri Swamyvari pratyeka Kalyanam (only one day) Rs. 12,161.00
Bhogamulu (pulihora, sugar, pongali, daddojanam) Rs. 200.00
Navagraha Pooja Rs. 150.00
Room Rent Rs. 250.00
Prabhalu Rs. 250.00
Kobbarikaya Mudupu rusumu Rs. 101.00

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