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Sri Ujjaini Mahakali Temple Poojas

As per the Vedas daily poojas are conducted. On Friday special decorated archanas are being performed.Celebration of Navarathris are performed in the month of Ashwayujam with beautiful floral decorations for the goddess. Saptasathi homamas are performed. Thousands of devotees men, women and children will have the darshan of goddess and get blessed.
Daily Sashwata Annadanam scheme , The devotees who join the scheme will have to pay Rs.5516/- (Five thousand five hundred and sixteen only) and 5916 for online payment option with payment gateway service tax to the temple.

Pooja / Offerring Online Charges inlcuding the Service    Tax for the Payment Gateway Rs
(For Online Payment)
Sahastra Nama Archana 125 (*)
Nitya Aarathi 125 (*)
Abhishekam 150 (*)
Swarna Pushparachana 125 (*)
Pallaki Seva (Tuesday, Friday 6.00pm) 225 (*)
Chandi Homam (Pournami only) 1116 (*)
Laksha Pushparchana 2751 (*)
Ghatam Pushpa Alankaram per day
(only during Aashda Jathra)
2767 (*)
All pooja items should be borne by the devotees
A) Pulihora (1 Kg) 175 (*)
B) Chakari Pongal (1 Kg) 275 (*)
C) Bella Pongal (1 Kg) 275 (*)
D) Dadojanamu (1 Kg) 125 (*)
E) Chanagalu (1 Kg ) 125 (*)
F) Rava Kesari (1 Kg ) 275 (*)
Anadanam per Day 751 (*)
Shasvatha Anadanam per day per year 5985 (*)
Shasvatha Pooja per day per year ( After Completion of One Year Of Payment on the day chosen by the devotee) 1690 (*)
Shasvatha Chandi Homam 10926 (*)

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