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Sri Rajagopalaswami Temple, Mannargudi 

The temple has 16 Towers, 18 Vimanas, 7 prakaras, 7 mandaps and 9 sacred springs-therthas. In the 11 tier Rajagopuram there are no sculptures up to six stages from the base. All God sculptures are from the 7th stage only. This is a rare and different type of Rajagopuram in Mannargudi. For the beauty of temple cars-Raths-‘Ther Azhagu- in Tamil’ Tiruvarur stands as outstanding example. For the beauty of temple Compound Wall-‘Mathil Azhagu-in Tamil’ Mannargudi is numero uno. Theertham Tank is a little far from the temple. This is the place where sages performed penance for the darshan of Lord. This theertha is considered as Jamuna River-Yamuna- and is praised as Haridra Nadhi. The float festival is celebrated here on Aani Poornima day in June-July.

It is the staunch faith of the devotees that prayers to Lord Rajagopalar-Vaasudeva would bless them with prosperity in life, happy wedding, removal of adverse aspects on children, health of cattle and all happiness.

Devotees perform Tirumanjanam to Lord and Mother and donate cows.

Speciality of Sri Rajagopalaswami Temple, Mannargudi

Lord Krishna appears as a shepherd boy with a whip on hand and turban wearing a dhoti. He has butter on the right hand, an ornament around the hip, key bunch, bangles in hand and jewels of children. There is cow and two calves by His side. Kamsa, His maternal uncle who kept his sister Devaki – Krishna’s mother – sent his royal elephant Kuvalayapeetam to kill Balarama – Krishna’s elder brother. Lord Krishna, as a boy killed the elephant breaking its tusks. As a reference to this episode, the Lord is holding the tusk in His left hand. Lord Rajagopala appears with an ear ring (Thadanga) on the left ear and a round ear ring on the left has a story. Once, the Gopikas were bathing in river Yamuna. Krishna told them that they should pick up their dresses and ornaments correctly after the bath. One Gopi was not able to find one of her ear rings and was simply searching for it. She found the same in the ear of the Lord and was very happy to see Him handsome with her ear ring. Milk is offered as Nivedhana to Lord in the temple. As in the Madurai Kallazhagar temple, Dosa is offered as Nivedhana in evening pujas.

Opening Timings

The temple is open from 6.30 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

Festivals at Sri Rajagopalaswami Temple, Mannargudi

  • Brahmmotsavam in Panguni (March-April), Summer festival in Chithirai – Vaikasi (April to June), Aadi Pooram (July-August), Navarathri in Purattasi (September-October), Oonjal festival for Rajagopalaswami in Masi (February-March) are the festivals grandly celebrated in the temple.

Address & Contact Details of Sri Rajagopalaswami Temple, Mannargudi

Sri Rajagopalaswami Temple, Mannargudi-614 001, Tiruvarur Dist.

Phone Number: +91- 4367 – 222 276, +91- 94433 43363.

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