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Sri Neelamaninathaswami temple at Kadayanallur, Tamil Nadu

Sri Neelamaninathaswami temple is located in Kadayanallur, in the district of Tirunelveli, in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is nearly 500-1000 years old.

The presiding deity of this temple Neelamaninathar (Kariamanicka Perumal) and mother Goddess is Mahalakshmi. This place is mentioned as Arjuna Kshetra in ancient texts and literature.

The important festival associated with this temple is Chithirai Brahmmotsavam held in April-May in grand manner. The temple’s Specialty is that those who devotees who are unable to visit Thirupathi feel satisfied by visiting this temple. It is to be noted that Lord Lord Neelamaninathar is in the standing form in this temple and is regarded as a replica of Lord Venkatachalapathi.

The temple is open for devotees in the early morning hours to mid-noon and later in the evening hours to dusk. Special purnima pujas are conducted in this temple on purnima days according to the ancient Hindu tradition and culture. In this shrine, there are separate shrines for Mother Mahalakshmi, Sri Andal and Vishwaksenar.

It is to be remembered that those devotees who is facing problems in family life can pray for peace and harmony. Devotees from the nook and corner of Tirunelveli visit this temple for recovery of things stolen from them, relief from adverse planetary effects, early wedding and pray for child boon. Special rituals and purnima pujas are performed in this temple as per the ancient practices. It is one of the temples in this region where rituals are conducted as per Vedic rules and ancient practices.

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