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Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple, Dharmapuri, Karimnagar

Sri Yoganand Lakshmi Narsimha Swamy’s kshetram in Dharmapuri is one among the nava Narsimha Kshetrams in Andhra Pradesh. Earlier, this place was ruled by the king Dharma Varma thus the place is known as Dharmapuri. As per the history of the place, though this temple existed well before 850-928 BC, it was destroyed by the Bahumani Sultans in the year 1422-1436 and again in the 17th century, the temple was reconstructed. In this temple, swamy waru is carved in Shaligram shila.

Sacred river Godavari flows beside this temple as Dakshinavahini and thus this place is also called as Dakshina Kashi and Teertharajamu. Apart from the main deity of the temple Vishnuswarupa lord Sri Narsimha, there are temples of Brahma Dev and Sri Rama Lingeshwara Swamy. Because there are three deities Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh reside in the same temple, this temple is also known as Trimurthy Kshetram. This place also has the temple of Yama Dharma Raja. There is a popular adage here which says “One who comes to Dharmapuri will not go to Yamapuri”. This place has Venkateshwar Swamy, Ugra Narsimha Swamy, Sri Anjaneya Swamy, Sri Venugopala Swamy, Sri Yama Dharma Raja and Sri Ramlingeshwara Swamy temples. This is not only a holy place but also popular historical. Dharmapuri Kshetram is birth place for Vedas, ancient culture, music, literature and poetry.

Apart from Brahma Pushkarini there are many historical temples in Dharmapuri. This Kshetram has Satyavati temple (sand pole) has popularity. The Godavari river flowing in this place, has Brahmagundam, Satyavatigundam, Palagundam, Chakragundam. As per the Sri Dattatreya Puranam, the Godavari river is flows as Dakshinavahini, the devotees who visit three times and takes bath in this river and takes darshan of Swamyvaru his sins of three generations will be washed off.

Devotees have strong belief that one who worship Sri Lakshminarsimha Swamy will be relieved of mental, physical problems and loan debts and also get wealthier and lead a healthier life ever.

Sri Swamy vari Brahmotsavam is organized every year for 13 days from Phalguna Shudda Ekadashi. In the same way during the Vaishaka masam a nine day Sri Narsimha Jayanthi Utsavam and Mukkoti Ekadashi during the Dhanurmasam is organized. Apart from the Swamyvari Nitya Kalayanam, nitya Annadanam is carried out in the temple. The specialty in this temple is during the early mornings abhishekam is done with panchamrutham. And once in every 12 years Godavari Pushkarams takes place.

People who suffer from Kujadosham, marriage problems/ debts/ health should visit the temple on Tuesday. After taking bath in Godavari River they should perform Sri Lakshmi Narsimha Swamy vari Abhishekam and Narsimha homam, Kalyanam. They will be relieved off all their problems.

Nityannadanam Shaswata Nidhi Details

Special Donors (every day meals for 25 persons for a year) Rs 20,116.00
Maharaj Poshakulu (every day meals for 15 persons for a year) Rs 10,116.00
Raja Poshakulu (every day meals for 8 persons for a year) Rs 5,116.00
Poshaka Sabhyulu (every day meals for two persons for year) Rs 1,116.00

Donors who donate for Nityannadanam will get exemption from income tax under section 80G.


Shashwatanidhi Pooja Details


Nityanivedana Shaswatanidhi (Pratinityam) Rs.25,116.00
Sri Lakshminarsimha Swamyvari Nityabhishek Shashwatanidhi Rs.10,116.00
Sri Kotta (Ugra Narsimha Swamyvari Nityabhishek Shashwatanidhi Rs.5,116.00
Sri Venkateshwara Swamyvari Kshirabhishekak Shashvatanidhi (Every Friday) Rs.5,116.00
Nityakalyanam Shashwata Nidhi (Once in a year) Rs.5,116.00
Sri Narsimha Navratrulu Shashwata Nidhi                                    (9 days of Narsimha Jayanthi) Rs.5,116.00
Sankashta Hara Chaturthi in Sri Ganapathi Temple               (every month on sankashta Chaturthy) Rs.2,516.00
Abhishekam Shashwata Nidhi (in all temples) (once in a year) Rs.2,116.00
Sri Yamadharmaraju Abhishekam (Yama Dwitiya day) Rs. 1,116.00

Devotees who want to be part of the shashwata nidhi scheme and want to join as members can contact directly to the EO or send in the donations in the name of executive officer in the form of DD or MO.

Address for DD/MO :

Executive Officer
Sri Lakshminarsimha Swamyvari Devasthanam
Dharmapuri (village, Mandal) Karimnagar district.
Pin no. 505425.
Andhra Pradesh.

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