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Sri Krishna’s First Advice to Uddhava in Uddhava Gita

According to Uddhava Gita, Sri Krishna gives this advice to Uddhava.

Noble friend, when I (Sri Krishna) leave this world darkness
will descend: The dreaded age of Kali will being ~ the age in which all that is
auspicious becomes hidden and obscured.

Do not remain here (at Dwarka) when I have gone. You are a
worthy soul, but in this darkness which is to come people will indulge in all
that is unworthy.

Shake of all attachments whether to family or friends. Roam
the world as one free of all attachment, with impartial vision.

Whatever you see, hear or touch know that you cannot know it
for what it is. Know that whatever your mind makes of it is like a mirage that
will fade away.

A confused mind sees a world of multiplicities, a world of
good and bad. This creates a compulsion to act or refrain from acting,
depending on what will bring gain and what will cause loss.

Therefore, control your senses and your mind. See this
entire universe as the Self and see this self in me, its supreme sovereign.

In this way you will come to know and realize that the self
with you is the same self of all embodied beings. Once you know this your mind
will be completely satisfied and all obstacles will be removed.

Uddhava Gita

Source – Book titled “The Uddhava Gita – The Final Teaching
of Krishna” by Swami Ambikananda Saraswati


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