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Sri Katta Maisamma Temple, Begumpet, Hyderabad

Katta Maisamma is the deity of Jaganmata Mahalakshmi Ammavaru The goddess of Katta Maisamma at Begumpet, Secunderabad is the ancient temple. Let we know about the history of the temple. 96 years ago Hyderabad public school, Begumpet branch  was under construction. At that time Ammavaru asked the contractorto built a temple for her in his dream. Katta Maisamma ammavaru added that she would like to settle there to save the people always.

Contractor awakened in the morning and told about his dream to the surrounding people. Immediately they built a small temple and arranged stone deity of ammavaru. They started to pray and praise Maisamma ammavaru. As days going on.. all of a sudden one early morning one canal formed in the south side of the temple. People first shocked to see the canal and felt very happy. They buyilt houses near canal. In rainy season water came into their houses. All people come out and prayed Maisamma Ammavaru. Then immediately water gone back. From that day they used to call ammavaru as “Kalavareti Maisamma”. Kalavareti Maisamma appeared as Mahalakshmi devi.

On 4.8.1991 for the development of Ammavari temple, Mukha Mandapam, Garbhalayam Smt & Sri Chekkala Subhash Mudiraj arranged Ammavari Vigraham in front of the samll stone statue and ‘Sri chakram’. Now we can see that deity of Ammavaru. From that period Ammavaru is known as ‘Katta Maisamma Maha Lakshmi Devi’. After 1991 temple developed day by day and became very popular. Rajagopuram temple for Matangeswari devi, Ashta Lakshmi Mandapam, Naga Devata statue, Nava Durga Mandapam etc.  were built by Sri Chekkala Subhash Mudiraj with the help of devotees.
At present Katta Maisamma temple is fully completed with all arrangements and facilities.

Every day:

  • Ashtottaram
  • Abhishekam

Every Fridays:

  • Lalitha Sahasra Namam
  • Kumkumarchana
  • Annadanam

Every Pournami (Full moon day) – Chandi Homam for Loka Kalyanam (wellbeing)

Sheds are built in Katta Maisamma temple to conduct Bonam, Vodi Biyyam etc. rituals to Ammavaru. They are trying to built some more sheds for the convenience of devotees. In this process Katta Maisamma Mahalakshmi devi temple on the main road of Begumpet is very auspicious and powerful to fulfill the desires of devotees.

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