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Sri Ganpathi: Lord of Mind Power

The mouse is the vehicle of the incomparable Lord Ganesha. The word ‘mouse’ is derived from the root word ‘mush’ which means to rob. All living creatures enjoy stealing as the mouse,which doesn’t care to know about the fruit of it. The inner soul in every creature, hidden behind the undiscoverable illusion is left unaffected by distinctions between vice and virtue, even after enjoying the materialistic pleasure.

The Lord who is the boundless- being, is inside every soul and is the driving factor which instigates men for their action. Only men who are filled with self-pride ignore it. Love steals human hearts. Only when it is divine it ennobles us, else it can cause havoc. When selfishness stealthily penetrates in our mind like the mouse, ruins all our undertakings. When mastered by a divine wisdom can it be used profitably?

There is a huge philosophy behind this entire story involving the big belly of Ganesha and its correlation with the moon on the birthday of the Lord Ganesha, the mouse and the snake.

The entire universe is similar to the God’s belly. Twenty-one kinds of food items cooked by Shakti Parvati is the energy analogous to twenty one expansions. Kundalini, the cosmic energy holds together seven oceans, seven lokas below and seven lokas above inside Ganesha’s cosmic belly. The large snake that Ganesha ties around his belly symbolizes the cosmic energy called kundalini.

The mouse represents the ego in every human being. Our ego has a huge effect on our actions our daily lives. The one who achieves control of his ego achieves the conscious of Ganesha or consciousness of God.

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