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Sri Amma Bhagavan

Set up with the mission of awakening humanity and alleviating suffering, Oneness University is situated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. With this article, know all about the founders, Sri Amma & Sri Bhagavan.

Nestled at the majestic foothills of Vellikonda range on the eastern coast of South India, lies the serene and beautiful Oneness University, just 80 km of Chennai. Fondly called the Golden City, the university was established in 1996 as a spiritual organization to create a peaceful learning atmosphere for people to leave behind miseries and suffering and become conscious of their individuality. With inner transformation and awakening being the primary motive of setting up the university, the center has successfully gained the love and support from more than 100 million people. The founders, Sri Amma Bhagavan are the inspiration behind the university who seek to establish the humankind into a state of enlightenment and right human relationship. The devout followers assume Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan to be god-gifted in the state of oneness with all of life. They are not regarded as two separate human beings, but the masculine and feminine aspects of an avatar; thus, they are jointly referred to as Sri Amma Bhagavan.Who are they?
Born as Kalki Vijayakumar on March 7, 1949 in Natham on the outskirts of Gudiyatham, Tamil Nadu, Sri Naman Kalki Bhagavan, or Sri Bhagavan, was highly influenced by the aspects of introspection and solitude since childhood. With determination of bringing about a massive change in the world, he established a spiritual school called Jeevashram in the Chitoor district of Andhra Pradesh, along with Sri Amma and some of his disciples. The real Sri Bhagavan was revealed to his disciples and other people after they began experiencing divine mystical incidents. From just a handful of youthful disciples, his message has been passed throughout the world, evident from over 15 million followers.

Sri Bhagavan’s wife, Sri Padmavati Amma was born on August 15, 1954 in the Sangam village, Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh. She made her presence felt in the hearts of spiritual followers through her innocence, wisdom, and graciousness. Believed to be the divine mother, she has earned high respect and admiration due to the tremendous miracles occurring in her presence. Along with husband Sri Bhagavan, Sri Amma has attracted many spiritual seekers, in search of human consciousness, divine grace, and inner transformation.

Vision & Mission
The university has been established with the aim of generating awareness among people in order to lead a ‘happy’ individual and family life. It emphasizes on the growth and learning in both the internal and external spheres of life. The global facilities available here assist the followers in connecting with the universe within and around oneself to extract the best potential. The main visions of the university are:

  • To awaken every human being into Oneness through personal experience which, in turn, would manifest as the Golden Age for all humanity
  • To set man totally and unconditionally free from all forms of suffering
  • To seed the spirit of Oneness within an individual, which, in turn, would move on to his family and then on to society at large, finally flooding the entire planet.
  • To integrate spirituality into mainstream existence, not divorced from everyday living and real-time functionalities
  • To create a new world order transcending all divisive labels such as nationality, caste, creed, religion, gender and so on. This would be characterized by an underlying spirit of connectedness and Oneness
  • Joy is in the doing, not in the seeking.
  • Man cannot make it on his own; it has to be given to him.
  • All learning is unlearning.
  • Oneness is not a one-stop destination; but a never ending unfoldment.
  • Man is an Orphan without God.
  • This place exists to set humanity totally and unconditionally free.
  • Awakening experiences do not make an Awakened one.
  • You cannot understand anybody because there is ‘nobody’ to be understood.
  • Experiencing does not lead to freedom, experiencing is freedom.
  • Life is a quest to know oneself.
  • Deeksha works irrespective of your beliefs and sometimes in spite of your beliefs.
  • Deeksha is God reaching out to man.
  • Life is a mystery to be experienced, not a puzzle to be solved.
  • Life is a process of Learning.
  • To see is to be Free.
  • Where there is Oneness, there is no resistance.
  • When the impossibility of change strikes you, you are awakened.
Oneness University
The divine beings, Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan, reside in the magnificent and vast Oneness City, the Oneness World Headquarters. Sprawling over thousand acres of lush greens and sunny plains, enclosed by the tranquil Ubbalamadugu Hills, the university is just 80 km north of the fourth largest Indian city, Chennai. With eight different campuses, dozens of classrooms and dormitories, meditation halls, and Oneness Temple, the university is one-of-a-kind in the entire Andhra Pradesh state. A perfect example of contemporary engineering and ancient Vedic architecture, this spectacular structure is fast becoming a major tourist attraction of India. The university also caters to the needs of thousands of religious seekers visiting the Oneness Temple, through the kitchen and dining facility. Collectively known as the “Golden City”, the eight campuses offer peace, relaxation, meditation, and rest amid natural beauty and picturesque settings.

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