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Sorimuthu Ayyanar Temple in Kalakkadu-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve for Aadi Amavasai Special Rituals

Sorimuthu Ayyanar Temple is located in Kalakkadu-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve, in Kanyakumari district, in the state of Tamil Nadu, India.

This temple is situated on the bank of Tamirabharani River near the popular tourist spot known as Courtallam Falls. During the Aadi Amavasya day, thousands of devotees from the native region and nook and corner of Tamil Nadu visit this particular temple to do special rituals, special prayers, offerings and pujas. These are conducted on the banks of Tamirabharani River.

In the Tamil month of Aadi, Aadi Amavasya is celebrated with dedication to the forefathers and is observed with fasting and rituals. Near the Courtallam or waterfalls too special rites, rituals and poojas are also conducted. It is to be highly noted that the Sorimuthu Ayyanar Temple is situated in the heart of Kalakkadu-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve which is a protected area. The forest department allows devotees on this day only because of the security reason and religious importance.

On the day of Aadi Amavasya, ‘balitharpanam,’ a special ritual performed in view of Adi Amavasai performed in this temple. Thousands of devotees participate in this ritual. It is done in memory of all the departed souls of ancestors. It is to be remembered that before performing ‘balitharpanam,’ devotees observe fasting a day ahead so that they can purify their body.

The other places in Kanyakumari district where Aadi amavasya rituals are conducted are at ‘Thiruveni sangamam’ (Tri sea) in Kanyakumari, at Valliyaru and in Kuzhithurai, Tamirabarani River bank and at the famous Bhagavathy Amman temple.

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