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Some useful tips for eco-friendly Ganesh festival celebrations

During the ongoing Ganesh festival use only Eco Friendly Ganesh idols, adopting ourselves to green is the new slogan. Have boldness to say no to thermocol or polystyrene, Plaster of paris, plastic, clay and chemical filled Ganesh idols. Do adopt for all those natural and biodegradable material only in the making of Ganesh idols. This will really help in not polluting the surrounding and water during the act of immersion of Ganesh idols.

Paint with natural colours, coconut husk, bamboo husk, unbaked clay, dried leaves and broken branches of trees can be readily used in the making of small and large sized Ganesh idols. These natural products don’t harm the water and the surrounding areas. After immersion too these natural products get easily dissolved in water or mud.

Try your best to limit the size and number of Ganesh idols in your neighborhoods and locality. Too many and crowded Ganesh idol in the neighborhoods and society may cause more problem in many way to the society. It is to be noted that bigger size Ganesh idol occupies more space. The Ganesh idol size should be limited to minimum 1.5 meters to maximum 5 feet only.

More waste to environment is added if the people make huge Ganesh idol as it consumes more clay and plaster of Paris. Even after the immersion, huge Ganesh idol takes more time to get dissolved in water or mud. There may be situation when these huge Ganesh idols doesn’t get dissolve at all and remain like a huge blocks in the water.

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