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Somavati Amavasya & Kurukshetra: Another Popular Story

Another famous local ancient story related to Kurukshetra is related to a demon named Gayasur. He ruled over the present Gaya region in North India.

He had three daughters who were very beautiful and good in nature. When they attained marriageable age he proudly announced that anyone who will defeat him in war will get his daughter and the other two daughters as dowry.

A sage named Falgu defeated Gayasur in the war. Gayasur’s daughters were given in marriage to him. He also taught Falgu the method to free a person from the debt of forefathers or ancestors. Gayasur also gave the boon that anyone who will do Pind-daan at this place during Somavati Amavasya will be freed from all types of debts of his forefathers or ancestors.

There is a popular tale regarding the importance of Kurukshetra. According to the Hindu religious scholars and pundits, Lord Brahma did yajna for the immediate creation of Universe at this spot. It is to be remembered that Sage Dadhichi saved Lord Indra and other gods and goddesses by wholeheartedly donating his bones from the demons. Kurukshetra and the surrounding regions like Prayag, gaya, Madhura are known as Mahapunyawali Sthali.

In Shrimad Bhagwat Gita, the importance of Kurukshetra has a special mention. The ancient, medieval and modern history of this place is dignified and memorable. Several legends are associated with this place. Lakhs of Hindu devotees visit this place during the Amavasaya days in order to perform rituals and prayer for their ancestors and forefather with due respect and dedication.

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