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Solar New Year

In many cultures and traditions, a lunisolar calendar is a popular and widely accepted calendar whose date cites the time of the solar year and the moon phase. In case, if the solar year is perfectly defined as a sidereal year, then this particular calendar will largely predict the right constellation near which the full moon may correctly occur. On the other hand, if the solar year is perfectly defined as a tropical year, then a lunisolar calendar will particularly give the reading of the season. This particular calendar has 12 months. It is to be highly noted that the second and third year has 13 months in a calendar year.

It is to be remembered that the lunisolar calendar or solar New Year is followed by the Hindus, Buddhist, Burmese, the Hebrew, Tibetan, Bengali, Korean, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Japanese, traditional Chinese and so. On the other hand, the ancient Coligny, Hellenic, and Babylonian calendars are all lunisolar. It is also followed by the ancient pre-Islamic calendars in South Arabia. According to the legends, the Germanic peoples before their conversion to Christianity also used a lunisolar calendar.

In Hinduism, Solar New Year and its calendar is largely followed by the Hindus for various religious purpose. Most of the religious and traditional activities are based on the Solar New Year or Lunisolar calendar. All the Hindu festivals date is fixed yearly based on the Solar New Year or Lunisolar calendar. This calendar is used by the temple authorities for conducting the temple’s opening and closing ceremonies, puja and ritual timings and other traditional and religious activities. Even Hindus use this particular calendar for observing fasting and other religious activities. The Solar New Year or Lunisolar calendar is part and parcel of Hindus and their religious activities to a large extent. The calendar and its date reminds the Hindus of all the deeds that they have to do religiously.

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