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Sirsangi Kalika Temple, Belgaum: Karanataka’s Popular Temple for Amavasya Puja

Sirasangi Shri Kalika Devi Temple is located in the village named Sirasangi, in the district of Belgaum, in the state of Karnataka, Southern India.

According to the the department of archaeology, historians and local legends, the temple was constructed during the first century. The principal deity of this temple is Shri Kalika Devi, a form of Goddess Kali. This village is 20 kilometres (12 mi) from Saundatti, a nearest town in Belgaum. The other temples in this area are Kalmeshwara temple and Bhairaveshwara temple or Kalamma temple.

On the half-moon day, largely known as Amavasya, about 15,000 people assemble at this temple for the grand celebration. During the Ugadi Festival for five days, the Palanquin Festival of Kalamma is held in a grand manner. Religious and cultural programs are also conducted in this temple.

There are also mentions about this temple in dated 1186 of Someshwara IV, dated 1148 of Jagadekamalla, in Hirishingi, Rishishringapura or Pirishingi. It is to be noted that this village was earlier known as Pirising particularly during the medieval era. Later this village was known as Hirisingi.

Many Hindu mythologies has mentioned about the religious significance of this temple and its Amavasya celebration. The devotees come walking to this valley and hillock during the Amavasya day. They also visit the cave locally known as Maunappanagavi and hillock named as Kallupuragudda. It is to be noted that 200 people can be accommodated in the cave temple and there is a fresh water pond in it too. There are regular local bus services to this temple from the town of Udupi and Belgaum.

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